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Leonard Len Lenny Gambino A.T.A. President

Public Alert from and

Watch the following video to protect our Constitutional Freedoms.

Mainstream media tells you that people who say the 2020 presidential election was stolen are "conspiracy theorists" and "election deniers", and justifiably the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) could consider them potential terrorists. Yes, you read that right, potential terrorists.

Select Here for an independent news article about current and future DHS intervention. The intro states "While the Department of Homeland Security pressured tech companies to censor their users' posts, it also branded election deniers as potential terrorists."

The article makes reference to doxing (maliciously revealing private information about someone) as well as threats, intimidation, and harassment. We, of all political persuasions, can agree that hateful expressions of our grievances are wrong, and instead we can effectively take the high road. On the other hand, increased government intervention and loss of our freedoms is a slippery slope, down which We The People don't want to go. And that's why honest elections are so essential.

Watch the following video about the 2016 presidential election. It shows people saying 2016 was stolen. Thus, they too are "conspiracy theorists" and "election deniers", and justifiably could be considered potential terrorists?

Draw your own conclusions. Let's set aside our differences for our most essential common cause and, peacefully, let's Left Right Unite to protect our Constitutional Freedom of Speech, above all.

Public Alert from and

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The following video shows people prior to the 2020 presidential election saying how vulnerable electronic voting machines are to hacking, and consequently, election fraud. These machines have been and continue to be routinely used throughout our country.

Millions of people believe 2020 was stolen, largely as a result of hackable voting machines. As mentioned before, mainstream media refers to those people as "conspiracy theorists" and "election deniers". What's the difference between those millions and the people in this video?

X-out if applicable. Watch this video from Mike Lindell - Select Here to visit his Freedom News Social Network

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